Infrastructure Division

Motilal Dhoot Group was started in 1972 by late Shri. Motilal Dhoot. Today it has grown fully into a massive organization and serving customers in the diffetrent Sectors.Infrastructure. (Motilal Dhoot Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.)

Motilal Dhoot Infrastructurer Pvt. Ltd. is in Contracting and infra since 1970. Some of the pressures projects of Maharashtra Government Irrigation Department are successfully completed by our founders Mr. Motilal Dhoot Projects.

Completed Projects

  • Jayakwadi Project Stage I, II, III
  • Bank Canal Lining Work at Parali.
  • Aqueduct at Pimpalgaon by MKVDC.
Currently Motilal Dhoot Infrastructurer Pvt. Ltd. is more into Government Projects. We are registered Government Contractor. 

Motilal Dhoot Group’s strong for innovation, cutting-edge technology and latest equipment gives the much needed backing to execute large-scale, projects across various infrastructure growth corridors.

Our company is equipped with talented and committed people capable of handling large projects. We employ a direct labour force supplemented by trusted sub contractors, in order to retain control and maintain standards. Our staff undergo continual training program to ensure readiness for the job. We believe this is the right way forward a skilled workforce and professional management in alliance to support planned and collaborative growth.

We operate Professional processes in compliance with all relevant environmental and safety regulations and in recognition of industry best norms. We are recognized as an “Investor in People” and are currently working towards international standard accreditations such as ISO9001.

We understand what our customers expect in terms of quality of work and management and are adaptable to fit their needs. We make sure that we work towards a common goal work completed on time to good standard and with minimum complication. This partnership approach is key to our success.