Crushed Aggregates

Motilal Dhoot Group was started in 1972 by late Shri. Motilal Dhoot. Today it has grown fully into a massive organization and serving customers in the diffetrent Sectors.Stone Crushing. (Suraj Stone Supply & Crushing Co.)

Company Operates two stone crushing units located in Wagholi and Lonikand. Both plants Equipped with set of Equipments and Quarry. Wagholi unit is a state of Art 125 TPH Crushing Plant with a three stage crushing technology and a core crusher. 10 access of Quarry Permission and Transportation fleet.

To add to this capacity, Lonikand unit is another Four Stage Crushing Plant with two VSI add 200 TPH to the Production. We are one of very few four stage plants with assurance the best quality products. Lonikand Plant is fed by 4 Acers of Quarry and Transportation fleet.

Eco Friendly: The ill-effects of quarrying of river sand, including groundwater depletion, water scarcity, fall in farm production, threatening the safety of bridges, dams etc. can be completely eliminated using crushed aggregates and hence, save our environment.

Shape Cubical

Cubicity is that quality of commercial aggregate which makes it cubical in shape and high in quality

Advantages of “Cubical–Shaped” Aggregates in Concrete.

  • Less cement required per of concrete for a given strength
  • Less water required for a given slump
  • Easier and faster finishing and a better final surface, with less labor time
  • Easier pumping of concrete requiring less water and fewer pump problems
  • Less air-entrapment and a more homogenous blend
Motilal-Dhoot-Group Motilal-Dhoot-Group


The availability of river sand has always been scarce. The government has banned quarrying of river beds in most areas. Crushed Sand is available whenever you need in the promised quantity.

Comparison with River Sand:

Property Natural Sand Crushed Aggregates
Shape Spherical Cubical
Gradation Cannot be controlled Can be controlled According to specifications
Ability to hold surface moisture Up to 7% Up to 10%
Wastage before application About 30% while screening Nil
Impurities 17 to 25% Nil
Presence of fine particles Only silt and clay Around 10 to 30%
Availability Undependable Easily available

Quality Assurance

  • The particle shape is semi-rounded or cubical
  • Flakiness and elongation is well inside permissible limits
  • Silt and clay coming from the quarry is removed in the first stage of production itself
  • The use of only one quarry, thus ensuring consistent quality and gradation of our products
  • Sand-Bin used to avoid segregation, giving excellent quality sand (gradation) at all times
  • Sieve analysis done with every shift to keep the quality in check
  • In addition, our products are sent to reputed labs to check the workability, compressive strength and various mix designs

Motilal Dhoot Group’s strong for innovation, cutting-edge technology and latest equipment gives the much needed backing to execute large-scale, projects across various infrastructure growth corridors.

Our company is equipped with talented and committed people capable of handling large projects. We employ a direct labour force supplemented by trusted sub contractors, in order to retain control and maintain standards. Our staff undergo continual training program to ensure readiness for the job. We believe this is the right way forward a skilled workforce and professional management in alliance to support planned and collaborative growth.

We operate Professional processes in compliance with all relevant environmental and safety regulations and in recognition of industry best norms. We are recognized as an “Investor in People” and are currently working towards international standard accreditations such as ISO9001.

We understand what our customers expect in terms of quality of work and management and are adaptable to fit their needs. We make sure that we work towards a common goal work completed on time to good standard and with minimum complication. This partnership approach is key to our success.