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Crushed Aggregates

Crushed Aggregates

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying crushed stones in the name of Motilal Dhoot Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. This plant is set up in collaboration with Mr. Sushil Motilal Dhoot who has 30 years of experience in this industry.
Detailed Description

                                         Crushed Aggregates


The demand for crushed fine aggregates for making concrete is increasing day by day as natural sand cannot meet the rising demand of the construction industry. Natural sand takes millions of years to form. Because of its limited supply, the cost of natural sand has sky rocketed and its supply cannot be guaranteed. Also, it is not consistent in size and gradation and contains many of impurities like clay, silt, marine impurities and other unwanted materials.

Under these circumstances, the use of crushed aggregates becomes inevitable. MOTILAL DHOOT GROUP is one company, which guarantees quality sand with superior service.


We produce sand using machines such as V.S.I. (Vertical Shaft Impact) and Sieve Screens made by reputed companies.


The ill-effects of quarrying of river sand, including groundwater depletion, water scarcity, fall in farm production, threatening the safety of bridges, dams etc. can be completely eliminated using crushed aggregates and hence, save our environment.


The availability of river sand has always been scarce. The government has banned quarrying of river beds in most areas. Crushed Sand is available whenever you need in the promised quantity.

Comparison with river sand:


Natural Sand

Crushed Aggregates





Cannot be controlled

Can be controlled According to specifications

Ability to hold surface moisture

Up to 7%

Up to 10%

Wastage before application

About 30% while screening



17 to 25%


Presence of fine particles

Only silt and clay

Around 10 to 30%



Easily available


We are manufacturing excellent quality aggregates as per IS 383:1970. Some of the key features of our products include:

  • The particle shape is semi-rounded or cubical
  • Flakiness and elongation is well inside permissible limits
  • Silt and clay coming from the quarry is removed in the first stage of production itself
  • The use of only one quarry, thus ensuring consistent quality and gradation of our products
  • Sand-Bin used to avoid segregation, giving excellent quality sand (gradation) at all times
  • Sieve analysis done with every shift to keep the quality in check
  • In addition, our products are sent to reputed labs to check the workability, compressive strength and various mix designs


Shape: Cubical
Cubicity is that quality of commercial aggregate which makes it cubical in shape and high in quality

Advantages of “Cubical–Shaped” Aggregates in Concrete.

  • Less cement required per of concrete for a given strength
  • Less water required for a given slump
  • Easier and faster finishing and a better final surface, with less labor time
  • Easier pumping of concrete requiring less water and fewer pump problems
  • Less air-entrapment and a more homogenous blend

Gradation: IS 383:1970
The gradations given in the IS standards are for excellent quality sand. The advantages for using well graded sand are:

  • More strength achieved as compared to non-graded sand
  • Less cement is used as the voids are much fewer
  • Easy workability

Separation of Clay & Silt

  • Silt contents reduces the strength of the concrete made
  • The water absorption increases with more greater silt content

Everyday testing helps in maintaining the quality according to standards.

Timely delivery and uninterrupted service will make sure your concreting work will never stop because of non availability of aggregates.

Environmental Philosophy

We believe in 3 main principles:

  • Safety & well being of our employees
  • Quality products and services
  • Customer satisfaction

Key Measures Followed by us to achieve to our principles:

  • Indoor Lab for Analysis
  • Walkways on all conveyors
  • Quarry safety measure as per DGMS, Goa, India.

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